From Machine Learning to HTTP Headers Security

lunedì 15 aprile 2024 alle ore 16:00
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What does Machine Learning have to do with HTTP header security? Our upcoming talk! Thanks to two guests at our next meet-up, we'll learn more about techniques for debugging machine learning models and the importance of HTTP headers in security.

πŸ“’ is back with a new event! This time we will have two guests: Luca Corbucci, PhD Student at the University of Pisa and Giacomo Debidda, Freelance Full-Stack Developer.

πŸ“ˆ Luca will explain how to use Weights & Biases to log and debug your Machine Learning experiments.

🌐 With Giacomo, instead, we will discover the significance of HTTP response headers for web security.

πŸ• As always, at the end of the event we will meet in a pizzeria to end the evening over a pizza and a beer.

Abstract dei talk:

Please, stop logging your experiments on a .txt file

Speaker: Luca Corbucci

Abstract: Effective debugging Machine Learning models and comparison results demand a robust logging system. In this talk, we will explore the capabilities of Weights & Biases, a platform that offers a solution for tracking results. Learn how this tool can enhance your productivity during ML model development

HTTP response headers for web security

Speaker: Giacomo Debidda

Abstract: When a server returns an HTTP response to the client, it also sends a few key value pairs we call HTTP response headers. Some of these headers are crucial for the security of your website and its users. In this talk we will discuss about which HTTP response headers are important for web security, how they are configured, and what's their current support across browsers.